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Precon Engenharia is part of the traditional Minas Gerais Precon Group, with 53 years of tradition and solid values such as ethics, people valuing and sustainability. Marcelo has taken over as CEO 5 years ago with the purpose of joining the industrialization DNA with the P&D work performed by the company to develop and deploy an industrialized constructive system with own technology for the construction of residential buildings with strong sustainable characteristics.

The innovative Precon Housing Solution – SHP (“Solução Habitacional Precon”) was then developed and, based on the production engineering concepts (such as those of the automotive industry), brought the idea of an assembler to the civil construction. The solution proved to be feasible in the technical and economic fields, with productivity gains by the industrialization. However, the SHP’s greatest highlight is shown in the sustainable gains, with an 85% reduction in waste generation (compared to the average civil construction), a reduction in the use of water and power, among others.

Deploying the SHP was a great management challenge where an innovation in a traditional economy sector was proposed. People management was a key factor to the project, which came together with the challenge of involving people with the purpose of building an innovative and sustainable solution. It is worth pointing out that the Human Valuing is one of the pillars that sustain Precon operations. Allowing the employees to grow together with the Company is an important fuel to leverage innovation which is in our DNA.


See the videos produced by Jabuticaba Conteúdos with the case study about Precon Innovation

Precon Engenharia
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Innovation and Sustainability – CBIC Award

Dom Cabral Foundation wrote a case study datailing the SHP and comparing with the traditional construction.



Recent awards of Precon Housing Solution


With a view to minimizing the impacts of its activity in the environment Precon seeks to incorporate sustainable construction practices in its projects, in such a way to ensure an 85% reduction in the waste generation, a greater productivity and a high quality control level. Precon was the first Brazilian company to certify an enterprise in the Caixa sustainability seal, the Blue Seal, and winner of a number of prizes for its leadership in innovation and sustainability.


The Ethos Conference got together companies from various industries to discuss about management and sustainability. The cases were presented and reviewed by specialists and participants who assigned marks and assessments, taking into account the performance for the company and the relevance for the business as well as economic, social, environmental, ethical, and innovative results. The Precon Housing System (SHP), case presented during the conference, was unanimously chosen by the participants. As the prize winner Precon Engenharia was invited to present the case in the World Forum Lille, France, in October of the same year.


The ECO® awards, held by Amcham (American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil) and Valor Econômico, was pioneer in recognizing companies that adopt social responsible practices, and has brought about a rich reflection on the sustainable business development in Brazil. The Award values the importance of innovation coupled with sustainability with a focus on the theme, “Strategy, Leadership and Innovation in Sustainability and Sustainable Practices”.


The Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC) awarded, in Brasilia, the winners of the CBIC Award for Innovation and Sustainability, with the attendance of the Ministry of Cities, Aguinaldo Ribeiro. The award is one of the most important in the category, and makes available a collection of approximately 350 listed works, with a focus on innovative practices.


Precon Engenharia was granted the Greening Award in the Constructor category pioneering in the certification of housing complexes and the Caixa Blue House Seal. An initiative of GBC Brazil, the awarding is an important public recognition of actions that value the sustainable constructions in urban centers. São Paulo Governor, Geraldo Alkimin, who hosted the event opening ceremony, handed the award to Precon Group’s institutional marketing manager, Olga Pinho. It is an honor for the company to receive this important award in recognition of the serious and innovative work Precon has been doing during this half century it is in business, in addition to being a strong encouragement to the civil construction market to invest more and more in sustainable buildings”, she pointed out.


Precon Engenharia won the Furnas Ouro Azul Award, with the project Innovation, Industrialization and Sustainability: The Precon housing solution. This award is an initiative by newspapers Diários Associados / Jornal Estado de Minas, sponsored by Eletrobrás Furnas. In its 10th edition, the Furnas Ouro Azul Award values ideas concerning the protection and rational use of hydrological resources, with the purpose of recognizing and awarding the best initiatives and good examples of companies and citizens as to the intelligent use of water in the state of Minas Gerais. It is Precon Engenharia’s Innovative, Sustainable, and Industrialized Constructive System being recognized in all of its aspects!


Ibef-Rio has also certified companies with Excellence in Sustainability. Precon was awarded in the ‘Valuing’ category.


This conference got together the world’s greatest authorities for discussion about global sustainability. Precon Engenharia was one of the guests to the event held in Lima, Peru.


In the last few years the company has promoted a strong female labor social inclusion, suiting the facilities and ergonomics at its industrial plant, work this quite successful and recognized by the CBIC (Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry), which included Precon’s case in its good sustainable practices manual.


A renowned international survey, the Great Place to Work, published the 2015 result analyzing the Minas Gerais market. Thirty-five organizations in the State stood out in the study for presenting a great place to work at. Nearly 200 companies disputed the ranking which, in Minas Gerais, is done in partnership with ABRH-MG, the newspaper Estado de Minas and magazine Encontro. The survey was conducted based on the reality of three segments: small-, medium-, and large-sized companies, and Precon Engenharia was elected as the 4th Best Company to work at in Minas Gerais (medium-size).


Precon Engenharia is provenly one of the best companies to work at now on a national level. In October of this year, the VOCÊ SA guide released a list of the 150 best companies to work at in Brazil. This ranking is one of the most important and recognized awards in Brazil, where national and international companies with all sizes and from the most varied industries participate. Precon Engenharia marks its place in this selected group of companies which are highlights in people management.